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housekeeperA housekeeper can work full-time, part-time or hourly depending on the needs of each client.They are highly sought after by families who do not need intensive help and/or do not have the space to have a live-in housekeeper.

An important point to be taken into account is that since the employee does not live in the same house as the employers, there are many more unforeseen events related to delays or absences. This must be weighed up when choosing the profile that best fits the family's needs.

The housekeeprs can perform all household related tasks as well as assist in the care of children, elderly or dependents.

Working conditions and rights of a housekeeper

  • The maximum ordinary working day for any domestic helper is 40 hours per week. As long as breaks are respected, they can be distributed as the parties wish.
  • Any additional hours worked must be paid at least at the rate of the regular working hour or compensated by paid rest time.worked must be paid at least at the rate of the regular working hour or compensated by paid rest time.
  • It is mandatory to provide time for main meals and breaksfor housekeepers working full time.
  • Rest between working days must be at least 12 hours.
  • They are allowed to rest for 36 consecutive hours during the weekend.
  • They are entitled to 30 calendar days of paid holidays per year (at least 15 consecutive calendar days and, that in the absence of another agreement, may be fixed by the employer) and to 14 bank holidays per year. In the case of female employees who do not work full time, vacation will be calculated in proportion to the hours worked.
  • Registration and contribution to Social Security.
Employers are required to register the domestic helper with Social Security from the first day of employment.

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How much does a housekeeper earn in Spain?

The salary of an external domestic employee may vary according to the type of workday, experience and skills of the employee .

Additionally, there are the functions to be performed, such as childcare as well as housekeeping, the size of the house, location and other variables depending on the employer's profile.

But it must always follow at least the salary table for domestic employees established by the Spanish Government according to the type of working day.

Depending on the type of workday

The salary of an full-time housekeeper must always be equal to or higher than the Minimum Interprofessional Wage in force since January 2023 of 15,120 euros per year plus Social Security.

To this amount, overtime must be added, which must be paid at least at the value of the ordinary working hour or compensated by paid rest time.

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