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live-in housekeepersA live-in housekeeper is a domestic helper who live with the family in the same household in which they work. This type of service is highly sought after, especially by families who need help with children, elderly or dependent people, as it allows for greater flexibility in schedules.

In addition to caring for them, they also take care of cleaning, tidying, washing and ironing, cooking and other household activities. We always guide our clients through the most important characteristics to be taken into consideration when contracting a live-in domestic helper: experience, skills and the 'feeling' they have during the interview. The first two are more obvious and entail much of our work during interviews and reference checks, but the relationship between employee-employer is, for the most part, a major dividing line when it comes to hiring. The live-in housekeepers are part of the household routine and, for this reason, it can be very tiring for both parties.

Therefore, in addition to respecting the agreed schedules and routines, it is important that both employee and employer are comfortable for the working relationship to last.

Working conditions and rights of a live-in domestic helper

  • The maximum ordinary working day for any domestic helper is 40 hours per week. As long as breaks are respected, they can be distributed as the parties wish.
  • For live-in domestic helpers, in addition to the ordinary working day, on-call periods may also be established, which is the time during which the employee is not actually working but is available in case she is needed. The on-call periods of a live-in housekeeper must not exceed 20 hours per week (unless agreed or if compensated with rest) and must be paid.
  • If at any time during the on-call period the employee performs any work, it must be computed as effective work time and added to the 40 hours of work per week and, of course, paid.
  • A live-in domestic helper is entitled to 2 hours for main meals, which will not be considered working hours (effective or on-call).
  • The rest between working schedules (including hours worked during on-call periods) must be at least 12 hours or reduced to 10 hours, if compensated in up to four weeks.
  • Live-in domestic helpers have 36 consecutive hours of rest at the weekend and, as a general rule, they enjoy either a full Sunday plus Saturday afternoon or Monday morning.
  • Live-in housekeeprs are entitled to 30 calendar days of vacation per year and 14 holidays per year, without the obligation to remain at the working home.
  • Social Security registration and contribution, room and board.
Employers are required to register the domestic helper with Social Security from the first day of employment.

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What is the salary of a live-in housekeeper?

The salary of a domestic helper may vary depending on the employee's experience and skills. Additionally, there are the functions to be performed, such as childcare as well as housekeeping, the size of the house, location and other variables depending on the employer's profile.

15,120€ per year min.

The salary of an live-in domestic helpermust always be equal to or higher than the Minimum Interprofessional Wage in force since January 2023, which is equivalent to 15,120 euros per year plusSocial Security.

To this amount must be added the hours spent on call and/or overtime, which must be paid at least at the rate of the regular working hour or compensated by paid rest time.

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